Have You Updated Your Router Lately?

“Router? What’s a router? Why do I need to update it?”

Your router is the device that sits between your computer and your internet connection. It’s typically a black box with several blinking lights. It was probably installed when you signed up for internet with your phone or cable provider. Do you remember how long ago that was? Usually, the most interaction people have with their router is the occasional turn-it-on-and-off-again when a slowdown occurs. However, this could be putting your data and even your bank accounts at risk. It’s important to regularly update router firmware to keep the security features up to date.


Why update?

All your information is going to be passing through that router, so if it’s compromised, it can really impact your privacy and the security of your devices. Because of security flaws, routers can be taken over for criminal activities such as illegal downloads and attacks on websites. When these flaws are discovered, the router manufacturer may issue a firmware update. Netgear, for example, released nearly 200 fixes for its line of routers in 2017 alone. But there’s a major catch. Consumers typically must find, download, and install router updates themselves. And even computer experts rarely do that. That means that most home routers never get important security updates.


How do I update it?

Instructions on how to update routers vary by brand, but for most models, you need to log in to your router through a browser using the device’s IP address. It is a good idea to check for updates at least once per quarter. You should also see if there’s a way to get security notices via email from your router’s manufacturer. The best way is to complete the product registration process, during which you’ll be given the option to receive notifications when new software is available. Yes, that’s a chore, but it could save you a lot of trouble in the long run.


We can help!

If you prefer to avoid the hassle, we would be happy to check your router and its firmware to determine if an update is required or available. We could then install the update for you.


Give us a call: 613-689-6593, or email us: service@shertech.ca

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