Looking For Computer Repairs in Belleville, Ontario?

Qualified Local Technician

Professional, Experienced & CompTIA Certified. We provide prompt, friendly & honest service.

In-Home Service

We come to your door to solve your computer mysteries! Or at your request, we can attempt repairs remotely over the internet.

Pick-up & Drop-off Service

We'll bring your problem to our shop for service and then deliver it to you when it's complete.

SherTECH Computer Services

                     SherTECH Computer Repair Services - Call 613-689-6593            SherTECH Computer Services - Call 613-689-6593      SherTECH Computer Repair Services - Call 613-689-6593

Is your computer, laptop or network running slowly? Have they suddenly started to exhibit unusual behaviour? Not sure if you have a virus or perhaps a failing hard drive?

I can solve your computer problems!

Hi, my name is Peter Sherlock-Hubbard. I'm the owner & operator of SherTECH.
I started SherTECH Computer Services because I have a passion for helping people solve their computer problems. I hate to see people frustrated with technology that's supposed to make their life easier - not harder.

I can solve YOUR computer problems!